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Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈


Residential and nursing homes are big business for investors but poor management and staff shortages mean they often aren’t meeting the needs of those they serve.


With an ageing population and many more people than ever accessing social care, scrutiny on the industry’s performance and operations is increasing.

Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈


While there have long been residential and nursing homes for particular minorities and religions, there in no UK LGBT nursing home provision.

An Age UK survey recently found that many LGBT people fear having to go ‘back into the closet’ to avoid homophobia from nursing home staff and residents.

It is little wonder that 91% of LGBT elders would favour an LGBT specific care provision.



The Eva Group will be the UK’s first LGBT residential care home. We will improve the quality and longevity of our clients through our unique, identity affirming model.

We will provide premier residential care for LGBT elders through our luxury living centres in Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh – later expanding internationally to Berlin, Madrid and Cape Town. We will initially offer 100 rooms and suites for clients ranging from £1,800 to £2,800 per week.

As well as our beautifully designed spaces and care plans that centre on the individual, The Eva Group will cultivate strong links with the wider LGBT communities where we operate and will specialise in delivering a rich cultural programme of music, theatre and cabaret. 

Quality is paramount and our centres will strive for outstanding CQC ratings and will immediately begin the process of becoming B Corp certified.

The Eva Group will attract the very best nurses and carers with shared values, through our happy work environment, creative perks and by empowering employees to care.


We are passionate about tech as a force for good and see ample opportunity, particularly in generative AI – to support our clients, and complement the delivery of their care and community. 


Using AI we can curate avatar style concierge services by building NLP models tailored to interests at a conversational level, as well as building other full stack models from meal choice, to selecting in-room and community entertainment, environment control, building access, wellness check-ins, care preferences and more. Our 3 UK-wide focus groups will directly inform our roadmap of our first iteration. 


Cultural considerations around staff heritage and religious beliefs are sadly a factor into the care of our elderly community, with stories of people being forced back into the closet in elderly life. By utilising AI as tech for good is one way of helping support our community and enabling them to continue to live their true, authentic lives within the comfort and protection of our community. 

Our Team.

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